Thale Blanc

Thale Blanc is a fine accessories company founded by Deborah Sawaf in 2010. Each Thale Blanc collection includes day bags, totes, clutches, and evening bags crafted from the most exotic skins and materials in the world with premium custom hardware ranging from Swarovski crystals to leather knot handles adorns each piece.

Focusing significantly in areas of development and manufacturing, Thale Blanc brings to life designs combining modern technique with traditional craftsmanship. Thale Blanc projects an overtone of luxurious glamour and is the embodiment of masterful detailed design and perfect execution. Passionately driven by art, Thale Blanc inspirations range from the 1920’s to French Renaissance, and Baroque, as well as from exotic lands with rich histories of textile and ornamentation.

Thale Blanc signature is the cheetah, graceful and strong in her stride. Encapsulating the essence of Thale Blanc, the cheetah’s majestic presence and grace is present in every collection.

Deborah Sawaf

Deborah Sawaf is the founder and president of Thale Blanc. Raised within the intimate world of couture embroidery and design, Deborah Sawaf’s fascination and talent led her to embark on her journey through the world of fashion. Designing exquisite works for labels such as Gianfranco Ferre, Roberto Cavalli and Valentino; it was only natural for Deborah to find herself fitting comfortably in the world of creative glamour before ultimately launching her collection Thale Blanc in 2010.

Born in Bombay, India, Deborah has been exposed to endless creative and beautiful elements that have lent influence throughout her life and design. Well- traveled, culturally and artistically inclined, Deborah is fascinated with global cultural heritage drawing her inspirations from art and history, cultures of the past and present.

After spending her formative years in India, Deborah moved to the Middle East to follow her passion and launched luxury fashion line Desage, which she showcased in Paris. Years later, Deborah moved from Dubai to Los Angeles, studying at the renowned Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and at the Gemological Institute of America, later channeling it into her collection of couture jewelry, Talia.

With her personal appreciation for luxury lifestyle products along with the experience of working within this category, Deborah embraces modern technology and marries it with her creative vision, approaching design with a personal hands-on involvement in Thale Blanc development process. Working from the initial design stage to sampling and production development, she oversees the product from idea conceptualization to consumer interaction.

Designer Deborah Sawaf, President at Thale Blanc

Children Raising Funds for Children with Pediatric Cancer

How do you inspire a child for a lifetime? By teaching them how to help others. How can you change the world? One child at a time.

Deborah Sawaf is teaching her three children the importance and value of compassion and giving back. A long-time fundraiser herself, she and her husband have worked as a family to inspire and create an awareness of what is and isn't important, to share the rewards of giving away something you love as opposed to something you don't want anymore.

Her children have always given back 1/3 of everything they earned from chores or received as gifts, but when they turn eight they reach a new threshold. When her eldest son turned eight, he had the choice of no longer receiving gifts, but choosing to give his gifts to a cause. After visiting a children's hospital, he was inspired to raise money for Pediatric Cancer Research. Since turning 8, and now 13 years old, he has raised $49,000.

Her daughter, at age 10, spent two weeks at the Mother Teresa Orphanage in Calcutta, its youngest volunteer to date. Today her daughter is involved in the UNICEF Hunger Fund and with her artwork has created a platform and product collection for her mother's company called: Flutter of Hope.

Flutter of Hope is a collection of bracelets, clutches and handbags ($19 to $2800) that carry a message of hope and belief in what we can accomplish together. "My endorsement to finding a cure." Butterflies are a symbol of new beginnings and alight on the product. Twenty percent of proceeds from the sale of each of these products will go directly to Children's Hospital of Los Angeles in support of pediatric cancer research. (, it's the first step towards finding a cure.

The children themselves are the best spokespersons for Flutter of Hope. In fact, starting at their own schools and then visiting nearby schools, they will be encouraging other kid's philanthropy, one child at a time.