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Family Time


Over the last decade or so we have spent some Christmas’ at home in L.A and some traveling, with our closest family and friends.  It’s all about quality time, good food, good wine, and great music. But most of all, just being together.

This year for the first time we decided to spend Christmas in Maui, Hawaii, with our family friends.  Unlike Christmas in L.A., Dubai, India, New York, and Aspen, Christmas in Hawaii is “Chilled” and laid back. Wind-blown hair, sun-kissed cheeks, a Bellini by the pool and the perfect weather.  Throw in a couple of scuba dives in the beautiful ocean and a hike in the Haleakala crater and you’ve got your cardio done for the week. 

The Foodie in me cannot resist indulging in the Hawaiian delicacies.  Lemon Grass Mahi Mahi, Jumbo coconut shrimp with a honey balsamic drizzle, sprinkled with finely chopped green onions.  The wagyu is always outstanding served with garlic purple potatoes.

Delicious Food from Sarento's On The Beach in Maui

One of my favorite restaurants at Sunset  is "Sarento's On the Beach”.

Sarento's On The Beach in Maui


Actually anywhere on the beach is perfect at sunset. 

The Terrace at the Andaz Hotel is particularly beautiful at sundown. It is set in a little from the beach, where the elevated terrace that overlooks the 3 pools offers a beautiful view of the ocean. The sound of the waterfalls from the pools, coupled with the soothing Island music played by the Hawaiian band, offers the most romantic setting. This is one of my all time favorite spots.


The Terrace at Andaz Hotel in Maui


A morning walk on the beach path is the absolute best way to begin the day.   A quick stop at the Whales Tale, for a glass of healthy freshly squeezed green juice or coffee, whatever tickles your fancy.  The best breakfast, of course, is at Chez Sawaf, Zaatar scrambled eggs, on avocado toast, with thinly sliced tomatoes.

For a casual delicious Italian meal, Fabiani’s Bakery and Pizzeria will never disappoint.  My favorite dish is the Spaghetti a la Vongole.

Fabiani's Spaghetti a la Vongole in Maui Hawaii


For a bit of adventure, hang gliding in Hanna. What a great way to begin the New Year, on top of the world, take a deep breath, glide thru the skies, a feeling of freedom and a birds eye view of this beautiful island of Maui.

Hang gliding in Maui Hawaii


The best part of this trip was quality family time, bonding with the babies and the kids.  Walking along the beach with my daughter Talia, watching TV shows late into the night. It is a once-a-year ritual.  These are precious memories that our hectic normal day-to-day life does not permit.

Family and Friends of mine in Maui


We end this year with beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.  No matter how bad or good this year has been, with all its up’s and downs, I am so grateful to have so many reasons to be happy.