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Audrey Classic Handbags

Make a statement with this designer bag, styled after the classic Audrey handbag. With its feminine curved lines, spacious interior and removable strap that can be worn comfortably over the shoulder, this designer purse is both chic and functional.

Designer crossbody bag, mini, in green snakeskin leather

Audrey Couture: Designer Crossbody Bag in Green Snakeskin


Snakeskin purse:  Luxury crossbody bag, blue

Audrey Couture: Designer Crossbody in Midnight Blue Snakeskin


Woman holding designer crossbody bag, mini, in pewter snakeskin print leather

Audrey Micro: Pewter Snakeskin Embossed Designer Crossbody Bag


Audrey Snake Small Crossbody

Audrey Snake Small Crossbody


Audrey handbag designer satchel bag with python snakeskin leather print

Audrey Satchel: Pewter Snakeskin Designer Handbag


Snakeskin purse: Designer crossbody bag, mini

Audrey Micro: Midnight Blue Snakeskin Embossed Designer Crossbody Bag


Taupe designer crossbody bag, mini, for women

Audrey Discrete Crossbody: Taupe Designer Crossbody Bag


Designer crossbody bag, black, mini

Audrey Discrete Crossbody: Designer Crossbody Bag in Black


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