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These are times that test our resilience. Since we can’t change what’s happening, we must prioritize our health and wellbeing as things run its course. Governments are doing their best to prevent the escalation while helping those that have been affected.

Many of us are fortunate that we have technology that enables us to work from home and stay virtually connected from almost anywhere. If you can, take this opportunity to have some quality time with yourself and/or loved ones. Share in-depth heart to heart conversations with friends and family whether it be via Facetime, in person, or over the phone. These can be moments we generally don’t make as much time for as we had hoped. 

As a Founder and Entrepreneur, these challenging times could be an opportunity for small businesses to take a moment to re-evaluate what’s working and what isn’t. To re-strategize, look back with gratitude, and then look forward with a fresh mind. 

Let’s try to encourage one another to be positive. Amidst these times of fear and uncertainty, be that light of positivity for those who are feeling overwhelmed with negativity. Let’s try to not judge others for what they chose to do as we have no control over anyone's actions but our own. Let’s continue to have a high level of awareness and practice being careful. We all have to do what works best for us as individuals. 

Life moves at such a rapid pace and many of us may not experience living in the present moment. They say that everything happens for a reason, and this may be the universe's way of telling us to slow down as our world has suddenly come to a halt.

In the meantime, we are dedicated to supporting our community in this time of need. Join us in supporting No Kid Hungry. We are donating 15% of all sales to support those affected by COVID-19.