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The purpose of The Happy Project is to remind people that they have a reason to be happy; that reason is not a what or a where, but a who.

The project encourages people to be the reason. Giving someone the gift of happiness is one of the most empowering and magical things you can do for someone. By partnering with the Make- A-Wish Foundation, The Happy Project will give one child suffering from a life-threatening illness that gift through a wish.

With a goal of raising $10,000 to fulfill a child’s wish, THALÉ BLANC is helping to Spread the Happiness a few different ways. Please help to support any way you can.


After a particularly bad day in New York City, Thalé Blanc Creative Director, Deborah Sawaf, collapsed into the back of a yellow cab and felt the day’s frustration exhaust her. She spent the drive uptown preoccupied with her thoughts and barely spoke to the driver. But as she was gathering her things to exit, the cab driver jumped out and came around to open the door for her. The simple but completely unexpected gesture made Deborah stop and smile. Just when she needed it, his action made her feel happy and less defeated immediately. Walking into her apartment building, Deborah began to wish she could have made him realize how much his kindness mattered.