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Mood Boosting Accessories To Make You Smile

Sometimes, finding a remedy to improve your mood can be challenging, especially during uncertain times. However, finding a solution may be more simple than you think. Add some positivity to your day by adding some chic accessories to your wardrobe (it’s the little luxuries that count). At THALĒ BLANC, we hope to spread positivity and promote self-care & compassion while keeping you stylish. Whether you’ve developed a yoga practice or are focusing on positive thinking, we are here to support you along your beautiful journey. We have curated a selection of our top 5 mood-boosting accessories that will surely help you put a smile on your face all while looking elegant and polished.  

Our LIMITED EDITION Yoga Mat Strap is the perfect accessory for the one who strives for balance with their yoga practice. This crossbody mat strap can be worn with its crossbody sling OR carrying handle so you can easily switch up your look. 
For the TB lady who practices gratitude, our pochette is perfect for keeping you positive and keeping your everyday essentials organized. Made with soft lambskin and handcrafted in Italy.
Gratitude Pochette
As our mouths are covered with masks, the words on our mask have the power to convey our message, whether it be it a frame of mind, thoughts, or wishes.  These masks are beautifully constructed and comfortable to wear too!
United We Stand
The Happy Project Scarves are made of 100% wool and have empowering messages printed on them. The purpose of The Happy Project accessories collection is to remind people that they have a reason to be happy; that reason is not a what or a where, but a who. 
Happy Scarf
Enhance your mood with a bright pop of color. This narrow silk twill scarf is featured in a soothing pink and orange shade in our "paint drips" print. Wear this colorful piece around the neck, around the wrist, or customize your Thalé Blanc bag by wrapping it or tie it around the handle.