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THALĒ BLANC's classic muse Audrey Hepburn



The inception of our Audrey collection all started in Italy. THALĒ BLANC founder Deborah Sawaf and her family were visiting the son of the late Audrey Hepburn one summer in the Italian countryside. In addition to Hepburn’s son being a friend of the family, Audrey had always remained a source of inspiration for Deborah as a result of her vast list of admirable qualities. 

Ms. Hepburn has captured the hearts of many around the world and she still remains a fashion icon & role model to this day. While her elegance and grace are unparalleled, it was Audrey’s big heart and need to give back to others that was truly what Deborah had admired and sought inspiration from. All that Audrey embodied and symbolized were in alignment with everything that the THALĒ  BLANC founder wanted for her namesake brand. After spending that unforgettable summer in Italy, Deborah had an “aha” moment that inspired a new creative path. After a careful collaboration with Audrey’s son, the iconic Audrey bag was born. 

In honor of Hepburn’s 91st birthday and as a special dedication to THALĒ’s chicest muse, we are excited to announce the launch of a new classic, the Audrey Baguette. This piece is an oversized evening clutch that was designed to be sleek, chic and functional. Wherever life takes us, we can clutch on to what is most meaningful and important in our lives and we can carry a piece of our favorite icon with us wherever we go.