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TB Lady Gisele Nazzal

She is my 7 O’clock cup of tea, my morning coffee. She has been an adviser for the brand since day 1.

Deborah Sawaf, Creative Director and Designer of Thalē Blanc, about Gisele Nazzal

There is nothing like that first sip of liquid hope in the morning- it is energizing yet steadying, warm and uplifting, and a timeless staple. Gisele Nazzal, first lady of Thale Blanc, is the fresh air of a crisp cafe, with the lingering aroma of coffee beans that promise to cleanse and refresh the palette, and when she breezes in, heads turn.


TB Lady Gisele Nazzal

It’s her personality, it's the way she carries herself that really turns heads when she walks into a room, no doubt, and she’s not flashy by any means. She is most sophisticated and elegant in her body language, and the way she is as a person, and I’m so honored that she’s my friend first of all before being a muse for the brand.

Deborah Sawaf about Gisele Nazzal, Best Friend and Brand Ambassador

TB Lady Gisele Nazzal

I am proud because I make the brand. The brand doesn’t make me. I am carrying a Thalē Blanc bag because I love it. Because it’s something that I feel.

Gisele Nazzal on Thalē Blanc
All TB ladies run their own empires whether it be their own businesses or their own families. Gisele is the CEO of the Nazzal family, and shares in the successes of her three sons who are businessmen along with her accomplished daughters in law and their adorable children. Gisele's role of mother and mentor extends beyond her family to Deborah and Thale Blanc itself. She feels like a proud mother who has watched a brand grow from its embryonic stages to full fledged thriving maturity all fueled by hard work, dedication, and brilliant creativity. Gisele practically glows with maternal pride when speaking of her admiration and support for Deborah, and her genuine care is apparent in the way she carries herself as well as her beautiful TB pieces.
TB Lady Gisele Nazzal

I won’t go out in the public without my friend’s bag. I felt like I had a piece of her with me and I felt so proud. I feel more beautiful carrying her bag because I know what a genuine person she is, what a talent she is. I have a very personal feeling when I carry her bag.  It's like she is with me everywhere.

Gisele Nazzal on wearing Thalē Blanc exclusively


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