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#TBLady: Shelley Zalis


TBLady Shelley Zalis


The #TBLady makes a statement in every room she occupies by her spirit alone as it is amplified, but not overpowered by any adornments. Zalis personifies Thalé Blanc’s cheetah; one who is fast acting, curious, unconventional, intense, far-sighted, and confident, while at the same time being patient, adaptable, intelligent, protective, and loving. These traits result in a synergistic power that propelled her to create the Female Quotient, a business that advances equality and visibility in the workplace through collaboration and solutions with the goal to add women to every formula. Whether she is in corporate offices, on vacation with friends, or at home with her family, Zalis brings her whole self to any equation.

Driving down Robertson Boulevard, Shelley Zalis once might have missed Thalé Blanc’s cheetah emblazoned window, but via a mutual friend at a Women’s Aston Martin car rally, a universal force drew Shelley Zalis and Deborah Sawaf together when geography alone did not. In an amazing instance of synchronicity, these two women now fit together like 007 and an Aston Martin- they BONDed right away.

Zalis has been featured for her exceptional ability to create space for women as well as the overwhelming positivity she has brought to Deborah Sawaf’s life and business over the past difficult year. Thalé  Blanc will release a series of pieces paying homage to several #TBLadies, from family to close friends, who have supported, influenced, and inspired Thalé  Blanc over the past decade.

TB Lady Shelley Zalis


We followed masculine leadership rules and I was following in their footsteps. It was only that moment when I realized I should follow my heart, not my head.  I knew I should not try to stand in someone else’s shoes that I didn't think were very attractive and weren’t very comfortable. It was that moment that I owned my truth, my identity, my self, and my authenticity. We have all historically hidden our greatest strengths and made them invisible and it’s time to bring that visibility forward.”

- Shelley Zalis on redefining leadership

The theme of  International Women’s Day this year is #ChoosetoChallenge, because challenge brings change and this change happens through a collective because as Zalis states, “an individual woman has impact, but a collective has power.”


“I’m not bossy, I’m the boss. I’m not bossy, I’m passionate. I’m not too emotional, I care. I’m not an introvert, I’m thoughtful. I’m focused. How do we get women to embrace truly who we are because the best qualities of leadership today are caregiving qualities. Yet, we are losing our best leaders to caregiving.”

-Shelley Zalis on challenging gender bias

TB Lady Shelley Zalis


“There is no such thing as balance, life is not so neat. It doesn’t have to be an either or, it could be an and; We work, and we happen to mix our family, and we happen to be giving back, there’s generosity, and we value our friends and we take time for ourselves. I think that’s really important in terms of defining the power of friendship. We really have the same ands in our lives.”

-Shelley Zalis on her relationship with Sawaf

TB Lady Shelley Zalis


“We all have that imposter syndrome where there’s that voice in our head. Men have it too, they just ignore it.  Women let the voice get louder. So the only way truly to have confidence is to first believe in yourself. Know who you are, what your values are, your worth, and own that presence from within, because if you have the presence from within, others will see it, feel it, and experience it.”

-Shelley Zalis on challenging your inner thoughts