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They say that kindness is good for the heart. It can affect someone's mood in a positive way and it has the power to make us feel happy. After a particularly bad day in New York City, THALĒ BLANC Founder Deborah Sawaf, was experiencing feelings of overwhelm, as many of us have felt. As she entered a cab and spent the drive uptown, she noticed herself preoccupied with her own thoughts. Once she arrived at her destination, she gathered her things to exit. To her surprise, the cab driver jumped out of the car quickly to open the door for her with a genuine smile. The simple but completely unexpected gesture had instantly uplifted Deborah. Just when she needed it, his small act of kindness made her feel happy and less defeated immediately. As she walked into her apartment building, she began to wish she could have made him realize how much his act of kindness truly mattered. This reflection inspired “The Happy Project.” 

The Happy Project

The Happy Project is a limited collection of accessories and apparel that was designed to uplift one’s spirit. By partnering with the George Washington University Children's Education Initiative for 2019, The Happy Project helps underprivileged children have access to the education they need and deserve. Part of the proceeds from each sale goes towards providing scholarships for students in the LA and DC areas. The mission is to remind people that they have a reason to be happy. That reason is not a what or a where, but a who. The project encourages people to be that reason for others. 

Giving someone the gift of education is one of the most empowering and magical things you can do for someone. Join THALĒ BLANC in helping to Spread the Happiness for our community by supporting in a way that’s meaningful to you.